picture of Marc Palud

Marc Palud – Founder of Rev Gen Apps

We provide Marketing Agency caliber software directly to DIY Entrepreneurs and Business owners and help B2B Association and Organizations provide more value to their Members.

picture of Jared Poirier founder of Galaxy Design Graphics

Jared Poirier – Creative Director of Galaxy Design Graphics

Jared is the founder of Galaxy Design Graphics, a business that started as a freelance project helping charities and businesses grow with digital and print marketing. We now have several team members and provide design, video, and websites for entrepreneurs all over Canada.

Max Fergus – CEO of LÜM

Max Fergus is the CEO and Co-founder of Live Undiscovered Music (LÜM). LÜM was founded from a UW think tank that focused on rapidly expanding industries with antiquated business models. Fergus, along with a team of UW students and alumni, realized that with the advancements in streaming technology, current applications could be used to successfully bring music to the next generation of artists and fans.