Serkan Kutlu – Cofounder of Zing

Serkan is a co-founder of Zing, a startup that has re-imagined, simplified, and redesigned the management of part-time work for both employees and employers. He came up with Zing while dealing with many staffing issues in his last position, where he went to the extreme ends of calling his friends to cover some shifts!
Serkan Kutlu
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Tell us a little about yourself!

Serkan has over 20 years of experience in hospitality and worked for great brands such as Four Seasons, Hyatt Hotels and Club Med. Serkan was most recently the General Manager of a high-end retirement residence where he oversaw a team of 80 people, assumed the responsibility of a restaurant and a bar along with all the operations. Prior to that he worked in residential, front of the house operations, sales, catering, banquet and kitchens of luxury hotels. He opened a trendy restaurant and was trained as a Food & Beverage MIT. He has a great sense of customer service and understands what makes a brand successful.

He came up with Zing while dealing with many staffing issues in his last position, where he went to the extreme ends of calling his friends to cover some shifts!

Tell us about your company and how you got started

The idea is simple. There has to be a better way to manage part-time work. Businesses big and small often rely on spreadsheets or even (gasp!) paper for figuring out their staffing needs. Part-time employees often resort to text messages or messy emails to try and reorganize, reschedule, or swap shifts. And the job hunting + interviewing process can be painful for both sides. Zing is about using technology that we already know works to re-imagine, simplify, and redesign this whole process so that both employees and employers get much more out of life, and out of business.

With Zing, businesses will not suffer from a shortage of staff and hire people based on their actual performance and their living Zing profile. People will have the flexibility to work when they want, where they want, finding the right job by experiencing it. People will not be stuck at a single job place.

Zing will be the main scheduling tool for the industries and the positions it will be servicing.

What advice do you have for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Get your idea out early, talk to many people possible to get their feedback and whether or not they know someone that might be interested in your idea. The most important in bringing your idea to life is the execution.

I love the following quote and I wrote this in the first page of my notebook:

“Building a company is 1% INSPIRATION, 99% PERSPIRATION”

Focus on execution and what step at a time. Good luck!

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