Miriam Dorsett – Founder of Chibur

Miriam is the Founder and Connection Doctor of Chibur, (pronounced He-Bore), a connection company on a mission to connect and support those with common passions, to achieve remarkable goals. Chibur connects brands back to the essence of why they do what they do, and to the people they must reach to be effective using ACTS: Art, Community, Technology + Sustainability.
Miriam Dorset
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Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a full-time artist, entrepreneur, and community activator with more than 15 years of experience ranging in the fields of youth development, small business management, and digital engagement. My diverse background supports my ability to balance being open-minded with making key decisions. I’m a highly motivated, naturally curious, creative, and ambitious team player with a unique knack for organization. I believe in taking risks.

My strengths are problem-solving, thinking outside the box and bringing key people together to accomplish goals. I am extremely passionate about the arts, our community, technology and sustainability. Excellent communication skills – verbal and written, comfortable navigating C level conversations and environment, well-rounded in sales, customer service, and group facilitation. Always looking for opportunities to develop and grow both as a person and in my career. I enjoy outdoor activities, gardening, sustainable shopping, reading, networking a.k.a. “connecting” and rubbing my puppy Bella’s tummy.

My first book, “What Should I Caption This Picture” was published in 2017 by Bootstrap Publications. It is an interactive art experience about spreading positivity on the internet and being present in the moment. My second book “The Lion and The Elephant” was published in August 2019. It is an interactive children’s art book about the journey of life and friendship. I’m currently writing my third book which will outline my views in preparation for my run for public office.

Tell us about your company and how you got started!

I started this company to connect and support brands that are in alignment with my personal passions to achieve remarkable goals.

Chibur connects brands back to the essence of why they do what they do, and to the people they must reach to be effective using ACTS. Art, Community, Technology + Sustainability.

We ensure all strategic actions work towards achieving the mission of the brand, without compromising on values, in the most efficient way possible.

We value transparency, sustainability, listening, being present, and being proactive. We believe good ideas should get done. We place less value on who gets them done and are happy to collaborate with other passionate brands to see ideas come to life.

In 2018 we launched two products for testing through our proprietary iteration model.

  1. Project IA connects content creators to brands looking for exceptional content to publish.
  2. Project IB provides uplifting and empowering messages through random texts of kindness.

More of what we do:

  • Create documentation about the nuts and bolts of world-class software platforms and brands
  • Write engaging and timely content for brands. Including articles, blogs, websites, and other media outlets. Develop and execute publication strategy of written pieces, track performance and report back
  • Develop and implement communication plans to boost brand recognition and awareness, reach target markets, and generate revenue for new brands and products
  • Drive business and revenue growth by creating a comprehensive product and sales training curricula
  • Organize and execute high caliber events tailored to the brand’s goals

Chibur is also the parent brand to Bootstrap Publications – a boutique agency, and Zen Zone Miami – a venue space.

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