Glenn Hubbard – Founder of Gage Ventures

Glenn Hubbard is a cofounder of Gage Ventures, an EdTech startup focusing on modernizing classroom behavior observations. The startup was founded by five Penn State University undergraduates who have received a grant to work on the venture from Happy Valley Launchbox.
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Tell us a little about yourself!

Glenn is a sophomore at Penn State University majoring in Enterprise Technology Integration. Glenn absolutely loves cooking and makes a truly mean butter chicken. When Glenn is not developing or preparing some delicious bites, Glenn spends time writing short stories, which he finds are great ways to flex his imagination. Glenn is a cofounder of Gage Ventures, an EdTech startup focusing on modernizing classroom behavior observations.

Tell us about your company and how you got started!

Gage Ventures is creating a solution that will enable school faculty to rapidly perform behavior observations–a critical function within special education. Through Gage’s software, observations will be standardized, stored in one location, and data analysis of the observations will be automated. This will save faculty time, and enable them to more precisely accommodate the needs of students.

Gage Ventures was started by five individuals out of Penn State University. The founders of Gage VenturesGlenn Hubbard, Christian Trafford, Sarah Dinh, Jeremy Ye, and Vaibhav Malla–are all undergraduates. The Gage Ventures founders applied for and were awarded a grant out of the Happy Valley Launchbox, which has enabled them to invest significant time into Gage Ventures.

What advice do you have for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Pivots are fun, embrace them. No one wants to be told that their idea won’t work, or that it’s not feasible with their current resources. Learning when to pivot–and how to do so effectively–is one of the most important things an entrepreneur can learn. Pivots can breathe new life into a business, and along the way, you learn how to achieve things you never thought were possible. Pivot early, pivot powerfully, pivot intelligently.

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