Entrepreneur of the day 033 – Joshua Sizemore


Joshua Sizemore moved to Miami to start his career in retail development, he then moved to LA for 11 years and then off Detroit for 2 years. During his time, he assisted brands such as A&F, Earnest Sewn, Lacoste and Shinola in their development and expansions, ultimately becoming a top retail executive. Joshua made a full circle in 2015 moving back home to Kentucky to begin a startup. Joshua is now the Founder of Unify Water, the only American Made Single Sourced premium water in the market. The brand also has a 1 for 1 giveback model that allows the consumer to give 1 gallon of clean water for every bottle purchased. The brand launched July ’16 and are in more than 3000 accounts in 13 states, focusing on east coast and NYC expansion.

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