picture of Miguel Martins founder of Rotacional lda

Miguel Martins – CEO of Rotacional

Miguel Martins holds a Master Degree in Physics engineering /optoelectronics, has the expertise as Project Manager to develop and build space qualified hardware, plus fifteen years of Entrepreneurship experience. He is a self-motivated person and likes to motivate others that work with him. Author of two international patents and creator of technology to facilitate peoples’ lives.

picture of Marc Palud

Marc Palud – Founder of Rev Gen Apps

We provide Marketing Agency caliber software directly to DIY Entrepreneurs and Business owners and help B2B Association and Organizations provide more value to their Members.

Sydney Wong – Founder of VenturX

Sydney Wong has helped prepare and raise millions of dollars for startups across North America. She then founded VenturX to help startups measure their startup’s success. This tool helps early-stage startups avoid distractions and pitfalls and focus on what truly matters for their success.

picture of Blessing Achu founder of 360 Creative Hub

Blessing Achu – Founder of 360 Creative Hub

Blessing Achu is the Founder and CEO of 360 Creative Hub – a vertically integrated fashion Accelerator with co-working space for emerging Fashion and Creative Brands in Nigeria and Africa. They seek to nurture, expand and accelerate emerging fashion creatives, towards better positioning for global success; through mentoring, management, investment and equipment support.

Amelia Lin – CEO & Cofounder of Saga

Amelia Lin is the CEO and co-founder of Saga, an app that helps families save the life stories of loved ones on audio in a private family podcast. Saga has been featured in publications including Forbes and CNET, and won the 2020 Innovator Award from End Well and the AARP.

Fernando Delgado – Cofounder of Savvy Dating Game App

Fernando is a cofounder of the Savvy Dating Game, the world’s first live mobile app dating game bringing fun back to dating! Savvy goes live every night with groups of one woman and four men who play three rounds of thought-provoking, funny, and entertaining questions chosen by the woman.

Glenn Hubbard – Founder of Gage Ventures

Glenn Hubbard is a cofounder of Gage Ventures, an EdTech startup focusing on modernizing classroom behavior observations. The startup was founded by five Penn State University undergraduates who have received a grant to work on the venture from Happy Valley Launchbox.

Kistein Monkhouse – Founder of Patient Orator

Kistein Monkhouse, MPA is the CEO & founder of ​Patient Orator​, a digital health startup, that is using a mobile app to help underserved patients document their medical symptoms to empower their voices in their healthcare experience. She is a public policy expert and former healthcare frontline staff who saw an urgent need to build bridges across communities in healthcare.

Serkan Kutlu – Cofounder of Zing

Serkan is a co-founder of Zing, a startup that has re-imagined, simplified, and redesigned the management of part-time work for both employees and employers. He came up with Zing while dealing with many staffing issues in his last position, where he went to the extreme ends of calling his friends to cover some shifts!