Miriam Dorsett – Founder of Chibur

Miriam is the Founder and Connection Doctor of Chibur, (pronounced He-Bore), a connection company on a mission to connect and support those with common passions, to achieve remarkable goals. Chibur connects brands back to the essence of why they do what they do, and to the people they must reach to be effective using ACTS: Art, Community, Technology + Sustainability.

Jordan Hudock – Founder of Togue Studio™

Jordan is the founder and lead designer of Togue Studio, a boutique branding + web design studio that creates delicate, contemporary branding for artisans and people-centered businesses.

picture of Jared Poirier founder of Galaxy Design Graphics

Jared Poirier – Creative Director of Galaxy Design Graphics

Jared is the founder of Galaxy Design Graphics, a business that started as a freelance project helping charities and businesses grow with digital and print marketing. We now have several team members and provide design, video, and websites for entrepreneurs all over Canada.

Will Winter – Founder of Winter Accounting & Advising

Will Winter, the founder of Winter Accounting & Advising, has a passion for assisting start-ups to achieve success by working directly with business owners and their valued staff. He has over 15 years of experience providing accounting, tax, advisory, and consulting services to an array of individual and business clients throughout the United States and internationally.

Sara Makin – Founder of Makin Wellness

Sara Makin is the #1 Best Selling author of “From Depression to Joy” and the owner of Makin Wellness, Pittsburgh’s premier therapy & coaching centers. Their mission is to help people heal and become happy again by providing excellent patient care and shaping tomorrow’s mental health system through effective treatment, research, education & advocacy.