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picture of Miguel Martins founder of Rotacional lda

Miguel Martins – CEO of Rotacional

Miguel Martins holds a Master Degree in Physics engineering /optoelectronics, has the expertise as Project Manager to develop and build space qualified hardware, plus fifteen years of Entrepreneurship experience. He is a self-motivated person and likes to motivate others that work with him. Author of two international patents and creator of technology to facilitate peoples’ lives.

picture of Marc Palud

Marc Palud – Founder of Rev Gen Apps

We provide Marketing Agency caliber software directly to DIY Entrepreneurs and Business owners and help B2B Association and Organizations provide more value to their Members.

Sydney Wong – Founder of VenturX

Sydney Wong has helped prepare and raise millions of dollars for startups across North America. She then founded VenturX to help startups measure their startup’s success. This tool helps early-stage startups avoid distractions and pitfalls and focus on what truly matters for their success.

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs


Aby Griffith – President & CEO of Onstitch

Aby Griffith is a senior at Grove City College studying entrepreneurship and marketing, and the founder of Onstitch, a minimalist embroidered clothing e-commerce store that she started after she losing her summer internship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Small Business Entrepreneurs


picture of Marty Hamel co-founder of Transition Tales

Marty Hamel – Cofounder of Transition Tales

Marty Hamel is the co-founder of Transition Tales, where they create personalized children’s books that allow children to actually see themselves be successful in achieving various milestones, making parenting easier so that parents are free to enjoy the special moments in their child’s life.

picture of Brandon Smithwick

Brandon Smithwick – CEO of iBrain Web Marketing

Brandon Smithwick is a digital marketer within the hospitality industry. His passion revolves around helping individuals and small businesses understand the complex world of online marketing. His company iBrain Web Marketing delivers fully comprehensive digital marketing plans by utilizing a variety of experts to execute on your deliverables!

Sara Doubleday – Founder of Sara Doubleday Design

Sara Doubleday is constantly learning new things about the startup world, though she focuses on design thinking, marketing, and UX/UI design. As a freelance designer, she has helped companies and individuals develop websites, logos, animations, rebrands, and more!

Influencers & Content Creators


Chidinma Okoli – Founder of Financially Literate Africa

Chidinma Okoli is the founder of Financially Literate Africa, which is a growing community of African millennials dedicated to living financially intelligent lifestyles. She founded this social initiative when she realized the alarming number of young people like herself that did not have basic financial literacy skills. She seeks to educate and inspire young adults across Africa into doing right by their finances.

Schuyler Diehm – Founder of the Early Risers Movement

Schuyler started the Early Risers Movement, where he helps entrepreneurs reach peak performance and create a healthy life balance by building their mindset, generating more energy, and being more productive. He is also a Men’s Weight Loss Coach & a Mindset Coach working under Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins.

Kamerin Chambers – Founder & Editor of Where’s She Going?

Kamerin is a Chicago native, the Founder & Editor of “Where’s She Going?” travel blog, a Marketing & Communications professional and iStock photographer. Her blog’s main intent is to inspire everyday multi-passionate professionals to explore their freedom to begin living the exact life they want to live today.

Taylor Price – CEO of TAP Intuit

Taylor is a 20 year old CEO, creator, influencer, and, most importantly, role model. She started Tap Intuit, a mentorship-based learning program for people of all backgrounds to take sophisticated courses in personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship.